Sita Sojintarit

Sita Sojintarit believes that dancing need to have strong dance techniques, but most importantly DANCING should always be fun. Dancing is easy and everyone CAN dance if you know the secrets to it.

“Our programs are full of fun activities with strong and professional dance techniques,” said Sita

Sita is a dance instructor/dancer/performer/choreographer in many dance styles: Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba, who is well-known in the dance scene because of her unique teaching techniques and her passion for dance.

Sita started to dance, when she was 5 years old in Chiang Mai, Thailand. With her passion, she followed her dream to further her dance study in America in 2009 and graduated from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor Degree of Dance in 2014.

During the time while she was studying, she discovered her passion of Latin dance, Salsa and Bachata. She trained with Los Sabroso Dance Company in Pittsburgh, USA and became an instructor/dancer/choreographer. She taught Salsa, Bachata, Ballet and Contemporary with many schools in USA.

In 2015, Sita moved back to her home country Chiang Mai, Thailand. She organized several events in Chiang Mai called “Chiang Mai Latin Dance” and opened a dance studio called “My Dance Space CNX Studio.”

In the end of 2016 Sita moved to the Netherlands. She received a Latin teacher certificate in September 2017 from Salsaventura and began teaching with them and many dance schools in the Netherlands.

In her dance journey, Sita has been learning with many teachers, attending classes and workshops in many countries around the world. She shares her dance passion by teaching workshops, private classes and group classes in Singapore, Thailand, the US and the Netherlands.

Sita and Preveen met in 2016, they both shared passion in dancing and started to develop their own dance programs. We are ready to share our secrets.

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