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Bachata, a lively and passionate Latin dance style, hails from the Dominican Republic. This versatile dance can be performed both with a partner or as a solo routine. Its basic footwork consists of three steps to the side followed by a tap on count four, accompanied by a sensual hip movement. With its growing popularity, Bachata has evolved into several variations including Dominican, Sensual, Urban, Romantic, Modern and the latest addition, Bachata Fusion. Bachata is now considered one of the most popular social dances in the world, enjoyed by dancers of all levels and backgrounds.

Dominican Bachata is known for its incredible fun and energetic footwork and sensual hip movements.

Romantic Bachata is known for its smoothness with a slower tempo of Bachata music. Dancers perform beautiful turning patterns with romantic movements and holds.

Modern Bachata is similar to Romantic Bachata with its smoothness and danced to a slower tempo of music. However, Modern Bachata is influenced by Contemporary dance, which is very elegant and classy. Many contemporary dance techniques are used in this type of Bachata, including tricks, dips, and body movements.

Sensual Bachata is, as its name suggests, a dance that uses unique body isolations with different speeds of Bachata music. It is considered one of the most sensual and passionate dances in the social dancing world.

Urban Bachata is a newer style that incorporates elements of HIP-HOP, street dance, and lyrical techniques in Bachata. Urban Bachata dancers love to experiment with dancing to different types of music and not just limited to Bachata music. DJs also use “TOP HIT” songs from various genres such as pop, hip-hop, and RnB and remix them by adding Bachata beats. For example; Dance Monkey (Bachata Version)- edited by Valerio El Director.

BACHATA FUSION is a mix of all the Bachata dance styles. It is playful, fun, sensual, passionate, elegant, and energetic all at the same time.

Social dancing is popular all over the world, and with it, you don’t need to learn 100 different languages to travel. Dancing is a universal language that can be used anywhere.

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