Our Kizomba program

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Kizomba is one of the most popular dances well known among social dancing world and is also known to be a very sensual dance, originated from Angola. Dancers developed a technique of smoothness with Tango influences. Connection of the dance partner is very important, because Kizomba requires very precise steps and small movements. Dancers enjoy playing with the music tempo by dancing on the core beats as well as using syncopation.

Nowadays, Kizomba has influences from a lots different dance styles, such as, Tango, Hip-Hop, Stress dance, Contemporary, some Acrobatic elements and Sensual Body isolations. All these dances added more spices to Kizomba, which now we called it, “KIZOMBA FUSION.”

Social dances are popular all over the world. You don’t need to learn 100 different languages to travel. Dancing is a language you can use anywhere.

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