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Salsa NY, also known as Salsa On 2, is a type of Latin dance that originated in New York City and quickly became a popular addition to the social dance scene. The style is characterized by its emphasis on the second beat of the music, known as "on 2," and the use of a linear dance pattern, where couples dance within a confined space to avoid collisions on the dance floor.

One of the defining features of Salsa NY is its smooth and elegant movements, which are achieved through precise footwork and beautiful turning patterns. Dancers often incorporate intricate arm and body movements to add a layer of complexity and flair to their performance.

In contrast to other salsa styles, such as Salsa LA, Salsa NY places a greater emphasis on the leader's role in the dance. The leader is responsible for initiating and guiding the movement and flow of the dance, while the follower responds with fluid and graceful movements.

Salsa NY is a fun and energizing dance that continues to evolve and adapt to new influences and trends. The dance is a great way to stay active, meet new people, and experience different cultures. Moreover, Salsa NY is a perfect dance style to attend a party or event with friends and family, as it is one of the most social and interactive dance styles. Social dances are popular all over the world. You don’t need to learn 100 different languages to travel. Dancing is a language you can use anywhere.

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