Our Salsa NY program

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If you already known Salsa LA style, it is NOT hard to also dance Salsa NY style. We offer Salsa On 1 to On 2 course, especially for experienced Salsa LA dancers who want to explore New York style. You will be able to apply your Salsa LA techniques and patterns to Salsa NY style. Not only that, you will also get a taste of Cha-Cha in this course as well.
Become Salsa NY dancers in 10 weeks. Join us!


Salsa NY is a type of Latin dances, which nowadays is massively an addiction among the social-dancing world. Salsa NY was originated and became first popular in New York, USA. Salsa NY style is also known as Salsa On 2, where the dancers emphasize their step of the music “on 2.”

In Salsa rhythm, we mostly count 123-567. When dancing with partner, unlike Salsa LA style, leaders step back with the right foot “On 2” and followers step forward with the left foot “on 2.” Similar to Salsa LA (Los Angeles style) in the way that it is a “LINEAR DANCE,” meaning dance couples are danced within the confines line. This is helped to avoid dancers from hitting other on the dance floor. Salsa NY is known for smoothness of the movements, with beautiful patterns.

Social dances are popular all over the world. You don’t need to learn 100 different languages to travel. Dancing is a language you can use anywhere.

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